Last Firsts

It’s November, which means it’s Josie’s last first new month. She’s an old pro at December since that is when she came into the world. She is growing up faster every day now, and I’m noticing a lot fewer new things. Sure she wobbles when standing, but she stands. She rarely gets on all fours as if to crawl, but she occasionally will. She is now even eating rice crispies (not capitalized and with a “c” because the official brand has gluten).

Last month Josie had her first ear infections. After she finished her antibiotic, she (wham!) got another one (or maybe it was the first one laughing at our attempt with simple amoxicillin). So she went on the stronger stuff (so much harder to gag down), which seemed to take a couple days longer to make her feel better. Poor thing. And of course, her front right tooth had to start pushing through this time. I guess she’s kind of like her moms… we freeze in the face of overwhelming tasks, and then once we get our butts in gear, we race through them all at once.

Josie lost some weight during these times of infection, and she’s never been a big girl. So, per usual, I became very worried. She was born at the 50th percentile for weight, but has been at the 10th most of her life. Then suddenly she was down to the 4th. Also, Josie’s never been a colorful child, meaning, her beautiful creamy skin has always been quite pail. We asked our PCP about this because we’d heard that she should start taking iron supplement at 6 months. She told us Josie is getting all the iron she needs from my breast milk. We even asked for a blood test to confirm that, but she reassured us it wasn’t necessary. We convinced ourselves that she is just pail like me and the rest of my family. In fact, Crayola has a specific blue called Zev Blue, which is named after my brother’s legs.

We were encouraged to see a gastroenterologist about her weight (not by our state health insurance covered PCP, of course), and in anticipation of that visit, we got a whole smattering of levels tested on her blood. Guess what? Terribly low iron! Ah, to be an infant and anemic — less appetite, lethargic, crabby. Thanks PCP! Well, at least we finally discovered it, and now that Josie takes an iron supplement daily, she’s a changed kid. I say kid because she’s huge! Well, I don’t know how much she weighs now, but she’s heavier to hold, has cheeks aplenty, and thighs to rival your T-giving turkey. Plus she’s just so much more active. What a relief.

Here’s another Moment of FoG (Funny or Gross) for y’all:
The other morning (too early for me to be wearing my glasses or be awake at all), we were playing on the floor when I noticed a tiny yellowish bit of mushy matter. Josie is usually the one to find all things tiny on the floor, so since I got to it first I reacted quickly before she could see it. We have problems with ants from time to time, and with a very shedy dog walking all over Josie’s play area and toys, ants are a constant threat (plus they make me crazy, like I might as well give up on living in a civilized society and get a tent). So what were my options? Wipe it on my clothes, and it winds up on the floor or furniture — leaving us back where we started. Call the dog over to eat it, and I have dog lick on my hand. I did not consider getting up and washing it down the sink. I did what any sleep deprived mother (I think) would do; I put it in my mouth.


8 Responses to “Last Firsts”

  1. 1 Mommy November 2, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Eyoo! What did it tast like, banana I hope.

  2. 3 Kim November 12, 2012 at 2:33 am

    So, has Josie and her donor met? Is that something that you guys want or don’t want? Just asking out of curiosity because we as the three (with our donor) decided to visit occasionally. He lives an hour away and I wonder what other people decide to do.

    Our donor really didn’t think he would have much contact. (give us the “stuff” and go) Just photo’s occasionally… I told him in the beginning that he could be like an Uncle if he wanted… And with how long it took us to get pregnant, almost a year, brought us closer than he expected… and since decided to get to know her.

    Trying to figure out the correct balance of how often… But all seems to be going well right now. We joke that once she’s a teenager that she is going to just show up and his door and say.. I hate my Moms! I wanna live with you. LOL

    • 4 mamawannabe November 12, 2012 at 4:21 am

      Hi Kim! We too became close with our donor after a long year and Josie has met him. It seems to be comfortably casual. I don’t expect that to change. With your donor an hour away, I imagine there wouldn’t be any unannounced visits. Assuming you have a contract as well.

  3. 6 Leah November 13, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    i love the red hair that pops in the pictures! you know…tzviki is/was also crazy pale….i always also thought he must be iron deficient (he’s not)……but i’m glad that you reminded me it runs through the Geffen family blood (even if josie did need the iron!!

  4. 7 earache May 16, 2013 at 4:35 am

    can you tell me what the PCP is ? i didn’t similiar with that abbreviation 😦

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