Seal Said It Best

We’re never gonna survive, unless…

Pretty much this having a newborn — a colicky one — is making me feel a tad nutter. Seriously, I’m completely out of my mind freaked out one day and elated the next. For example, the day I wrote my previous post I was coming off of three days of screaming. I am overjoyed to report that I am writing to you from day two of happy eating baby. She is sleeping and nursing (albeit only side-lying, but still) and only fussing a bit with each transition (i.e., from playing to eating, sleeping to waking, awake to sleeping, etc.).

Does it help an insane amount that it’s been sunny and gorgeous here the past two days? You betcha! I am not NOT meant to live in the Pacific Northwest. And yet.

Today we even got out of the house to go somewhere other than the grocery store! This photo depicts K and Josie at our walking-distance eatery — a capitulation to Josie’s desire for a cornmeal blueberry pancake.

See what I mean about the swingin’ mood? I should just be grateful for the great hours and days as they happen and not worry about the crap ones to come, right?

A shout out to Mama Universe for the spring weather and to our friends who have reached out to us during these first months with comfort and support. Thanks for knowing what we need even when we don’t.


2 Responses to “Seal Said It Best”

  1. 1 Leonard Geifman March 8, 2012 at 3:18 am

    I used to read Basted with Vicki. Now I am a bona fide subscriber. I enjoy the photos of your three smiling faces. Babies don’t read a manuel. They just are! Little Johnny came home from school very excited about learning how to make babies. When quizzed by his mother, he explained, “You change the Y to I and add ES.

    Love to all,
    Uncle Len

  2. 2 vicki arnold. March 8, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    I am thrilled to hear the very happy, good news about you 3, knowing that Josie is so much better.
    The photo of you 3 is precious. What a beautiful family!
    Love, Aunt Vicki

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