Next Stop: Everest

I can’t breathe, and I’m told it’s totally normal. Besides climbing mountains, what other human endeavor can boast that effect besides late pregnancy? I mean, unless you’re one of those soccer-playing asthmatics, I can’t think of any offhand. (Btw, “offhand” is as thorough as my thinking goes these days.)

The baby has found her favorite spot, which is diagonal with her head in my lower right quadrant and her big ol’ bootie under my ribs in my stomach/left lung/diaphragm area. She still moves around more than I appreciate, but if I’m looking for butt, I need only place my hand at the top of my uterus under my left boob.

I miss breathing. We took the pooch for a walk this morning, and once home I had to rest for 4x the time of our walk just to get it together to go on with life. Now I’m back from Sunday before T-giving grocery shopping, and I’m not sure I can rest enough to make up for it. Speaking of recovery, lord help the poor people who try to engage me while I’m out. I think I made a Walgreen’s manager cry when I told him that calling the stupid 1-800 number on the receipt is so not a high priority for me even if a score of 9 or higher for the store could yadda yadda yadda. Really? I’m standing behind this huge bump and panting and you’re circling numbers on my receipt?! Shave your goatee, a-hole!

Sorry. It’s the discomfort typing. I won’t let her anywhere near my daughter.

Now from a more forward-looking place… This week we went to the hospital for the infant car seat installment training (okay, just a quick mention here of the constant morning Arctic breeze through the second level of the parking structure where the training was held.) It’s fun getting into the car now and doing a double take of the big thing over my shoulder. I can’t wait till it’s occupied.

Also, yesterday some beautiful moms came over and brought us delicious wicked treats, which I let myself devour. They asked and answered questions about our pending birth and postpartum period. It was so nice to get some low-downs… and some beautiful beads to focus on when I get to that point in labor when I need to focus on a spot or something. K made this lovely necklace out of them.

So, Thanksgiving, then birthday 1 and birthday 2. Then… ? Should we start the betting pool? I’m double-downing on 38 weeks.


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