Fava Beans & A Nice Chianti

Did you know that besides certain marine animals, we humans are the only mammals that don’t eat our placentas? If you haven’t figured it out, this post has a medium-to-high ick factor. Be warned.

So, of course, I never heard of the concept until moving to Portland. It’s the exact kind of thing I would use to explain part of the unique culture here. That said, I also never thought I’d consider it. But then I heard about its benefits, and, more importantly, that you don’t have to “eat it” eat it.

Nuthin' says love like home-grown placenta!

Our doula can take mine, cook it, freeze-dry it, grind it, and then put it into capsules.

Why do something so barbaric?
Well, homosexuality is barbaric, so I’m cool with it on that level.

Why do something so disgusting?

  • It can help replenish the iron and protein often depleted during childbirth due to blood loss.
  • It can stimulate breast milk production.
  • The oxytocin in the placenta enables the uterus to contract and quickly return to its pre-pregnancy size, as well as slow postpartum bleeding.
  • The pills can be frozen and saved for menopause; it’s a completely natural source for hormone-replacement therapy.
  • My favorite reason (even if it’s proven later not to be true) is that it can help curb postpartum depression. Since I’m a depressive chic already, I figure I can use all the help (natural is nice) I can get.

Here’s something I learned from our doula as well: hospitals sometimes sell women’s placentas to pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies — thus making money off our hard-won placentas!  I think the hospital will get enough of our money as it is. Plus, it’s a bit disingenuous to have you sign a form that says they’ll be using the placenta for scientific study, when really a pharmaceutical rep comes with a big bag and loads up on ’em for drug companies or make-up companies. That’s an ick factor I can’t stomach.

Okay. So you think I’ve gone a little too far off the left coast, huh? Lemme hear it! (but don’t think it’ll make me change my mind)


3 Responses to “Fava Beans & A Nice Chianti”

  1. 1 julie October 3, 2011 at 5:03 am

    Even in non-crunchy L.A., placenta encapsulation is not too weird (well, actually, I guess L.A., while not crunchy, certainly doesn’t have the market cornered on the non-weird). I was excited about saving all of those pills for future use, but I gobbled them all up in the first few weeks or so! Here’s hoping you have a HUGE, and moving upward, of course) placenta that makes lots and lots of pills.

  2. 2 E and C October 4, 2011 at 1:47 am

    Your placenta, your choice, my dear.
    But I’m not reading this post to Ericka… 😉

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