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Our Story Goes Public

All y’all who have been following this blog know our story already. But since the fertility clinic did such a nice job retelling it on their website, I thought I’d share the link:

It’s been over a month since that photo was taken, FYI.


She Like To Move It

This little girl inside me. She is very busy.

Several weeks ago I was worried that I hadn’t felt her move (or hadn’t realized that what I was feeling was her). Now, I have to admit — not proudly — that I kinda get it; it’s neat and I could use a breather. Especially at night when I should be getting the sleep I’ll never get again.

The funniest was watching her movements during our most recent ultrasound. Just like last time, she was showing off her flexibility with her feet up by her head. Only, now she was on camera, kicking herself in the head. Each time she did it, she’d jump, and then she’d do it again. I looked at K and said, “Wow. We have a very special baby.”

not us

The prickish doctor who evaluated the ultrasound said the placenta is still somewhat low lying. When K tried to ask about how much it has moved up since 6 weeks ago, he replied, “The placenta doesn’t have feet.” Nice. She tried to restate her question, but the jerk was trying to get out the door from the second he came in. So… we don’t think we need another ultrasound 6 weeks from now. There’s nothing to do about it anyway. One ultrasound near the end will tell us whether the coast is clear.

Yesterday we went on our hospital tour. When we walked into the conference room where the group was meeting, we saw the only other couple there was another queer couple. At first I was thrilled and thought, Portland rocks. Then I got paranoid that they were putting us in a separate tour from the straights. In the end a second couple, hetero, showed up. The pack of us went up to the maternity floor and the first thing we were hit with was a strong scent of urine. It said, “Welcome. Breathe deep and have a great birth!” The birthing suites were nice, though, and I could almost imagine transforming it into a warm, safe space with the right people, music, lighting, etc. Since I still have hospital trauma from K’s lengthy stay 3 years ago, I try to remind myself that this experience should feature only K, the midwife, the nurse, our doula and me. A group of friendly ladies all wanting the birth to go smoothly. Not one of us will be checking her watch about a golf game. We’re glad that the hospital offers birthing tubs; I like the idea of water supporting my weight at that point instead of me. The postpartum rooms are closets with a bed, which makes me wonder where K will sleep. I don’t think I’ll have any problem checking out as soon as possible.

That brings us to this week and the Jewish new year, so if any of you readers identify… shana tova! May you enjoy your annual dose of highly concentrated holiday time.

What You Don’t Know

…may not kill you, but it can sure hurt a lot! Here’s a list of things nobody told me I’d possibly experience when pregnant. They are none of them game changers; however, a heads up would’ve been nice:

  • extreme nausea can persist past the first trimester and mild nausea can persist throughout the entire show
  • despite what the internet says, round ligament pain can last much longer than a twinge
  • I need at least 5 pillows of various sizes just to rest on the couch
  • sleep only happens in the minutes between trips to pee
  • I have on more than one occasion found myself eating a protein bar while on the toilet, unconscious, in the middle of the night
  • my belly shrinks and softens overnight so it appears I am less pregnant each morning
  • ribs expand; they seriously move apart and it’s freaky and it hurts
  • belching becomes the new breathing
  • my brain has lost a significant amount of memories and verbal accuracy (i.e., Honey, can you get the thing from the thing and put it on the thing?)
  • nasal congestion and postnasal drip to rival the worst of hay fevers
  • proliferation of brown age spots
  • clumsiness and spilling (on my clothes, which I do not see until many hours later)
  • a baby can choose to hang out on just one side of the abdomen for weeks
  • nightmares abound: last night, for example, she had the umbilical cord wrapped around all her appendages
  • volume sensitivity
  • hormone persistence (I thought once we were done shooting me up with stuff to get pregnant that I would be done with the random crying and night sweats)

Mind you this list only covers the first 6 months.

(Disclaimer: No men were harmed in the making of this blog.)

The Family

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