Isn’t She Lovely

Just when we thought we were having a boy… she’s a girl! K and I both thought that the increased likelihood of a male child due to frozen sperm usage was a no-brainer. But as soon as the ultrasound technician got the fetus on screen, she announced, “That’s definitely a girl.” I still don’t get how three tiny dots = vagina when I couldn’t even tell we were looking at that part of the body. But I guess that’s why I’m not running machines.

I had no idea, too, that we’d be seeing her in 3D! What a treat. I mean, she really didn’t seem to care for the ultrasound (she was squirming like crazy), but I feel a lot better seeing all her parts. No signs of Down’s, a completely covered spine, no cleft, etc. The only “issues” the doctor brought up were a very slight placenta previa and marginal placenta cord insertion. In English, that means the placenta is partially covering my cervix and the umbilical cord comes out of the placenta closer to the bottom than the middle. Lucky for me, K is extremely knowledgeable about this stuff, and she told me right away not to worry. So I won’t. For now.

It’s so very weird to have a photo of this half-baked creature inside me. Already I think I can see features that I recognize from my face, my dad’s face, and specific nephew and niece’s faces. With another 20 weeks to go, she will most likely look quote different the next time we see her.

Because I don’t get to glide in happyland for very long at any given point in time, I recently started to notice a pinkish tinge in my urine. We called the nurse midwife on call yesterday and she told us to come down and pee in a cup. K explained that UTIs are more common in pregnancy because the urethra, like a lot of other parts, is looser and more likely to pick up bacteria. Well, I’ve got zero burning, so I wonder about it being a UTI. The pee tech said they’d have results within 24 hours, and that was 23 hours ago! Don’t they know I’m a crazy pregnant woman who needs answers?! If it is a UTI, it’s important to treat right away because kidney infection is a bad, bad idea right now. I’m not worried about that diagnosis, though, because I can take the antibiotics and be fine. My fear is when they tell me it’s not a UTI but we’ll have to run more invasive and scary tests to find out why there’s blood. That I’m not up for. Oy.

Since we found out the sex, we’ve been fielding lots of questions about what we’ll name her. It seems kinda silly so early in the game. We know we’ll name her after my dad, but we’re both hesitant to really get into it with people. I’m not sure why. Also since the ultrasound on Thursday, I’ve been feeling slightly better. I’m able to drive more without having to spend the rest of the day in bed, and I seem to have an increased appetite! I still have weird aversions and more nausea than I’d like, but getting food in is not such a horror anymore. K was so happy to hear me say, “Mmm, this is so good” about something I was eating the other day. I hope to be saying that a lot more often now.


2 Responses to “Isn’t She Lovely”

  1. 1 angela August 15, 2011 at 12:02 am

    I cant wait to meet her!!!!!

  2. 2 magshauer August 22, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Oh Malka and Kristy – a girl! That is so exciting! Girls are so, so much fun. Stay well and get your rest. Love to you both.

    Jon and Maggie

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