Too Soon

With K’s mom in town, we’ve done a little walking around, poking in and out of shops on fun streets. One shop was a children’s bookstore. It was very exciting, and I could’ve gotten sucked into a must-have picture book mania, but luckily I found a 4-book section called Gay & Lesbian that narrowed my focus. I know it’s hokey, and I know it’s too soon, but I had to get the board book titled Mommy, Mama, and Me. Not only did it get our names right, but “Mommy” has brown curly hair (yo tambien) and “Mama” lighter straight hair (a la K). It had to be done. But, when K was paying for the book, I overheard the cashier ask if she wanted a store card of the get-your-tenth-book-free variety. I nearly had a heart attack and yelled across the store: “Too soon!” Apparently, in my muddled head, buying the book is okay but carrying the punch card around is way too assumptive.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen some slight changes. The nausea seems to present only when I am not actively eating, and since eating certain things has gotten easier, I’m eating often and a lot. We had a check-up with the nurse midwife today, and I’m happy to report a 6-pound increase in my weight! The reason I’m so excited is because I’ve been walking around the past couple of weeks thinking that my belly hasn’t gotten bigger enough, and, since I haven’t felt the baby move, something must be wrong. Getting to hear the heartbeat again helped tremendously (as it always does). I’m hoping it’ll keep me calm until Thursday when we have the big 20-week ultrasound.

This afternoon we dragged K’s mom to look at car seats. I had done some research online, but it wasn’t until we were staring at a row of them, studying every detail as we moved up and down the line, that we realized how much more we need to know before deciding. K suggested turning our attention to breast pumps. In that aisle, I realized I have no fucking idea what to do once the baby is here. Pump? Where am I going? I work from home; won’t the baby be right near the boob? Travel? Who travels? I hate flying. K reminded me that she would like to feed the baby as well, which I totally get and support and look forward to. Does that warrant the big fancy dual-action super pump? In the end, all these questions didn’t matter, because when we went to purchase it, the cashier asked if we wanted the 15-month warranty. I started to flap my wings because the 15 months would start immediately and we still have 4 months of baking to go! We left the store empty handed but having learned a really great lesson: the only time to shop for and buy things is when you’re huge and waddling and don’t want to be in a store.


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  1. 1 Francie August 9, 2011 at 3:01 am

    Yay for nausea-free moments! So here is some 33-year-old advice from my mom–buy the most hardcore pump you can afford. Apparently she didn’t go all-out when I was an infant and soon regretted it. But I suspect breast pump technology has improved since that time. I will now stop offering advice, as I have no actual experience and I know you are already getting all the advice you can handle and then some.

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