Me? Two-Timing?

It’s not what you think.

In spite of a very popular recommendation from family members and friends to just have sex with a guy to make getting pregnant easier, I will never “do it” with anyone but my spouse. I’m actually referring to the highly questionable double ovulation (cue Twilight Zone muzak). I don’t mean the release of two eggs within one 24-hour period, I mean a full-on ovulation that exists several days apart from the obvious mid-cycle ovulation. A myth, you say? A fairytale made up by desperate lesbians trying to conceive? Well, whatever it is, my luteinizing hormone shouted out this morning…and it’s only day 5! What?!

As I’ve mentioned once or ten times on this blog, I have an intense, weird pain early in my cycle that occurs several days before my day 12/13 “ovulation.” Well, I got a twinge of it overnight last night and thought, “What the hell? I’m just going to pee on a stick in the morning even though I just stopped bleeding.” And to my surprise, a significant pink line presented itself on the ovulation predictor. Wow. Did that ever throw our morning into a tizzy! I had to meet a contractor at our new house (that’s right, it’s all ours!) but drop K off at work first. While I drove, K called E2 to see if he could make it over here tonight. I dropped her off and realized I had not brought the new house keys! I called the contractor and ran home, where I also grabbed some more pee sticks. I figured I’d test again the next time I had to pee. Well, like most women trying to conceive (especially on hot summer days), I drink tons of water. This means that my next pee was super diluted, unlike my first morning pee, which gave me the pink line. Distraught and confused, I called K at work and freaked on her a little bit. After some interweb research, we decided to go for it and inseminate now, however unlikely conception might be.

What kind of things did the Google machine of baby-making wonder tell us? Well, I found one (yes just 1) study by some Canadians that showed a handful of women ovulated two separate times out of a large test group. I also read some message boards (I know) in which some women told their stories of how they always thought they might be ovulating earlier too, but second-guessed themselves because of scientific “fact”: women ovulate once per cycle. They then tried inseminating (or having sex) in this first window of fertility and conceived! K found out that two of her co-workers conceived on the last day of their periods. And, to make me feel even better, I came across a whole section about double ovulation in The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception (etc.) Here’s a passage:
“According to the Western medical interpretation of female fertility, ovulation only happens once, mid-cycle. Although it’s recognized that some women ovulate twice in one month, it is only considered to be possible within twenty-four hours of a woman’s first ovulation. Our experience has proved otherwise. We, and many other practitioners around the world have come to realize that for some women, and for some cycles, ovulation occurs more than once a cycle, often seven to ten days apart.” As I told E2 tonight, women are strange beings; I’ve been one my whole life and I still don’t get it.


1 Response to “Me? Two-Timing?”

  1. 1 vicki July 16, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    I don’t get it either,and I have been a woman much longer than you have! LOL
    I sure learned a lot from your “Baste” today.
    Go for it is what I say if it is in the realm of possibility . I am thinking of you often.

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