The Early Bird Catches the Sperm

We started inseminating on day 10 this time because everyone tells us it’s better to do it too early. Yesterday (day 13), I finally got the positive LH surge on my pee stick, and we did our fourth and final insemination last night. Kudos to the young stud for biking out here 4 days in a row and (so to speak) doing the deed. (Btw, I totally freaked out on him when he said he was riding his bike over. He assured me that his bike seat is one of those crotchless ones for guys with prostrate issues, and later I apologized for being a crazy woman.)

I’ve never been so relieved to be done with an insemination! Everything went well, but I was a mess. My lower-right pain started up on day 9 and grew in intensity until yesterday, when it was just too much. I still have no idea what’s causing it, but K worked on some of the tight muscles in the area and we got in with the Mayan abdominal massage therapist/acupuncturist, who used some moxa. I feel a lot better today, but it hurt so much yesterday that I was a cry baby whimp and made K stay home from work to take care of me. Yeah, this is going to be a fun pregnancy.

My mom and I were talking this morning about the myth/truth? of the first, fast sperm making a boy and later, slower sperm making a girl. If that is the case, there are plenty o’ sperm that have been hanging around inside me for days (I am a walking bag of semen) that could potentially make a girl zygote.  Of course I want a happy, healthy baby first and foremost, but secretly (not any more!) I kind of always wanted a girl. K wants a boy, so, future child, if you’re reading this and you’re a boy, it’s okay to love mama more than me.


2 Responses to “The Early Bird Catches the Sperm”

  1. 2 Steph May 13, 2010 at 2:40 am

    I can’t believe it’s already time for another round…and then waiting all over again. This is so exhausting for me:) Wishing you luck–since in so many ways that’s what it comes down to–and missing you!

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