$o $ucky

Holy hell.

My money sun must be setting in my moon’s arse house today, astrologically speaking. I know we all have money problems, especially now. I’m sorry for what I’m about to spew, and thanks for understanding…

Our pup, Lyra, is at the animal hospital getting over $800 worth of testing after another episode of upset belly/hunger strike. She’s been to the same vet for similar problems a half dozen times over the past two years. This time, supposedly, we’ll get to the bottom of it (I think they meant the bottom of our reserves).

Just now, I got a call from E2, who I am meeting tomorrow with a check for his new sperm analysis (to happen Monday). He said that he received a bill for $400 from the lab where he took the first test. WHAT!? We were told it was $84, which we paid for with our credit card over the phone. A friend told us that it cost her around $500 to get donors tested, and we just assumed our first lab was really cheap—especially since they effed it all up by not giving E2 the pretest instructions, thereby rendering the results (yes, the $400 results) useless.

I can’t think of a credit card that can handle all this. We have registration with the sperm banks to pay for and vials of frozen sperm to buy. I want to cry, but I’m in public. Hey, I can give up completely in public! I’m already slumped over my laptop; giving up probably looks like that but a little paler.


1 Response to “$o $ucky”

  1. 1 Steph March 29, 2010 at 3:14 am

    Crap:( Sometimes there just isn’t anything else to say.
    I love you and hang in there!

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