Counting to Three

To get my fertility hormones (re)tested, I need to get a particular blood test on day 3 of my period. I didn’t realize until this point in my life, some 23 years after my first period, that I have no clue how to count days!

I just learned from my beautiful doctor that I should count from the first day I have to use a pad overnight.

Isn’t it remarkable how many things we don’t know that are, in fact, random and subjective but decided upon by people at some point and therefore what we need to know?

For another example, I recently learned that you count a baby’s due date from the first day of the period prior to getting pregnant. I would’ve assumed we count from conception (but I guess it’s not everybody who knows exactly when that is).

So, how many more of these knowledge tidbits are out there?


1 Response to “Counting to Three”

  1. 1 angela March 11, 2010 at 1:01 am

    Did you know that babies are covered in a thick, white substance and hair when in the womb? Creepy.

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