Season of the Witch

K and I love our time with our friends’ kids. The other day I went with my best friend and her 2 year old to music class. There were at least 15 toddlers and a very cool guy (think Angus from L Word, season 3) playing killer songs like: “Old Mick Jagger had a band, called the Rolling Stones…” Tonight, K and I will see our friend Becky’s two little (little) boys—our most recent arrivals.

I like to imagine that all of this kid energy will magically transform itself into womb energy. We had an unusually strong dose of it yesterday, when we spent time with our friends’ 6-year-old. After a half dozen runs through the Purim carnival jumping castle, our sweet friend told K and I a secret. She said, “I’m a witch, but the good kind.” When we got back to our house, she told us she would like to make a potion. She gathered leaves, salt, and pepper and mixed them up in a glass of water. We went into our front yard with her where she stirred up the potion and said, “I wish that Malka and Kristy will have a baby.” She then poured the potion onto the ground. I know; I was ferklempt, too.

Do you think it’ll work?

We got back in touch with E2, who should be getting tested today or tomorrow. Our conversation went pretty well, and we learned that he wasn’t flaking or backing out. He was out of touch because he had gone through a really yucky and painful procedure and recovery. So, if his swimmers are Olympic athletes, we should be good to go on to the next step, which is having his lawyer look at our contract, and then all of us signing. As long as that’s done by the early 20s of March, we should be able to inseminate again next month! (Is that too many “if”s and “as long as”s for an exclamation point?)


1 Response to “Season of the Witch”

  1. 1 Steph March 6, 2010 at 4:12 am

    I have my money on the magic potion doing it for you! I also remember, before getting pregnant, wanting to surround myself with and snuggle up to friends’s kids, certain that would flip a switch in my womb and make the little embryo hold on:) Who knows…maybe that’s what made the 3rd try the charm for us. You can snuggle with J any time. He asks about his Auntie Malka often!

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