Donor, the Second

You’re probably thinking, “What will these perfectly lovely ladies do now that their donor, E1, is done donating?” Well, the answer should be obvious: E2!

When we realized that our past try was our last try with E1, we (actually, K) posted an ad on a certain website looking for a “healthy young man to help us start a family.”

Surprisingly (and a huge relief), we received a lot of really nice responses. I have little faith in humanity (and yes, I still want to bring a child into the world), so I was blown away by the sincerity and lack of homophobia.

We came up with a list of questions (our version of a sperm bank donor questionnaire) and sent it to the most viable candidates. What makes a viable candidate, you ask? For us, it was important that the guy understood what we were asking for without us having to spell it out for him. For example, we did not send our questions to the respondent who asked, “How do you plan to do this without sex?” We also favored men in their 20s over late teens and 30s/40s (ageism is nothing when you’re entrenched in pure eugenics). We narrowed our choices down to 5, communicated that we wanted to meet them, and then narrowed down to 3, whom we actually met.

We decided to meet them (separately, of course) at my favorite tea place. We liked the first guy we met right off. It turned out that he’s gay like us! (My “dar” died when we left the Bay Area, I guess.) We’ve been waiting to have him get tested until we knew for sure I wasn’t pregnant this time.

Well, we know now (boy, do I know), but we’re having some trouble getting in touch with him. Bad sign? We’re hoping to try again in less than 2 weeks, but he’d need to get tested, we’d have to get and like the results, and then we’d all have to sign a new donor agreement. Somewhere in there, he would have a lawyer look at the contract as well. Is it ridiculous to think we can get this done on time? Especially if we can’t establish good communication? Oy.


2 Responses to “Donor, the Second”

  1. 1 Julie February 17, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Oh, I’m so sorry it didn’t happen for you two this month. When it does happen though, it will be right on time.

    And yes, flakiness is a bad sign. Then again, there’s only so long he needs to be around for.

  2. 2 malkageffen February 17, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    Thanks, J. After everything, it would just be nice to have somethin’ go smooth-like.

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