I can now add structural integration (Rolfing) to the long list of things I’ve put my body through in a highly expensive attempt to be as healthy and strong as possible for pregnancy and motherhood.

I had always heard that Rolfing hurt like a late-night beating in the alley outside a bar. But the session I just got home from was more like receiving the gentle manipulations of a skilled dance partner. The guy with the hands took my extensive history of bodily misfunctions (I know it’s not a word) and then looked and felt around to see where things were stuck. Did you know that your stomach could get stuck to your back? Or that your arteries could get tight? Handsy knew anatomy like the back of his…  nope, not gonna do it.

While I was spewing my litany of body complaints, I realized that I have been at this gig for years (hmm, since K was in massage school… interesting!). I’ve had countless Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu massages; I’ve been to several acupuncturists; I’m a regualr at the chiropractor; I’ve done multiple rounds of PT; I’ve plugged my nose and taken drawers full of nasty herbs (Western and Chinese); I even saw a guy once who waved his hands behind my back and said that I was now healed of any trauma caused by my brother’s childhood bullying (what?!).

Did I mention the latest craze? Denying my body! I’ve been off gluten for 6 months now. I no longer consume caffeine, lactose, soda, or cane sugar.

I’m constantly asked whether any of these things have made me “feel better.” No? I don’t know? Yes? It’s the weirdest thing because I’ve never experienced anything like a “recovery” and so I don’t recognize any significant changes. I try to explain that people tend to notice when things hurt or are uncomfortable, so the fact that I’m not noticing any particularly “better” feelings is probably a good thing, sorta.

Will I keep writing the checks (because you know that my state medical insurance doesn’t cover these “alternative” practices)? Will we continue to sacrifice pleasures like clothes from this century in order to try things that may lead to the relief of unwanted symptoms? The holes in my socks will tell you.


1 Response to “Bodyworkaholic”

  1. 1 angela February 12, 2010 at 4:28 am

    I love you both and wish you the best with the babymaking. The profile photo of you is gorgeous!!!

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